Sale Prohibited Products

List of Banned Products that cannot be advertised on the site:

Health Products: In accordance with the Information Letter of the Ministry of Health dated 25.04.2014 presented to you below; promotion and sale of products containing "statements that are directly or indirectly beneficial to human health or are effective, protected, treated, asserted or implied" Prohibited.

Information Letter of the Ministry of Health dated 25.04.2014:

"Health Declaration prepared by the Ministry of Health Turkey Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Authority on 07/06/2013 and no. 28670 "In the Regulation on Health Declaration sourcing products offered for sale"; it is defined as all statements that indicate, suggest, or imply that it is directly or indirectly beneficial to human health or is effective against diseases or symptoms, protects, treats. In order to increase the sanctions imposed on product promotion/sales by making health declarations in contravention of the legislation, the provision of the health declaration has been added to the "Decree on the Provisions of the Law on The Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and Its Affiliates" dated 02/01/2014 and no. 6514 and the Law on Amendments to Certain Laws.

Article 31 of the relevant Law, dated 14/5/1928 and article 18 of the Law no. 1262 of ispenciyari and medical preparations, the third, fourth and fifth paragraph, "If promotion or sales are made over the internet, the Ministry decides to prevent immediate access and shall be notified to the Information Technology and Communication Authority to implement this decision. Those who promote and sell products with a health declaration without permission from the competent authority or in contravention of the given permission shall be subject to administrative fines ranging from Twenty Thousand Turkish Lira to Three Hundred Thousand Turkish Liras. The administrative fine to be imposed in the event of a repetition of the acts shall be applied twice as much as the previous sentence," article 32 of the same Law, the first paragraph of Article 19 of the Law No. 1262, "Those who sell, market or advertise any product with the declaration that it diagnoses and treats diseases, although not fortified, shall be punished with imprisonment from one year to five years. In addition, the third paragraph of article 18 shall apply if their promotion or sale is made via the Internet or otherwise electronic media." In accordance with this information, the promotion and sale of products stating a health statement contrary to the legislation is prohibited."

Prescription drugs : Introduction or sale of medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Cultural and Natural Assets: Under the Law on Cultural and Natural Assets No. 2863; "Due to their importance in our national history, documents and items of historical value belonging to the establishment of the National Struggle and the founding of the Republic of Turkey are considered to be movable cultural and natural assets that need to be preserved as the goods, documents, books, writings and so on belonging to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk."  First of all, i'm not In order to determine whether the protection of the movable cultural and natural assets mentioned above is necessary under this law, it shall be subject to classification and registration in accordance with the regulations "Regulation on The Classification, Registration and Inclusion of The Transportable Cultural and Natural Assets required to be protected" The works which are classified and excluded and which are not required to be taken to museums are returned to their owners with a document. For this reason, the sale of undocumented works related to classification and registration is prohibited at In addition, it is not the first 2933 In accordance with the Medals and Insignia Act; State Medal of Honor; State Medal of Pride; State Distinguished Service Medal; State War Medal and State Order; Order of the Republic; The sale of order of merit on is prohibited.

Web Attack and Program Breaking Software: Web attack and program hacking software. Software that illegally provides access to software, servers, or websites. Software that allows illegal access to mobile phones and other communications or content distribution systems/devices. Decoder products that decode cable or satellite signals to get free cable services. Software and products that capture wireless internet connections and break their passwords.

Firearms: Dry, air, shotgun, firecracker, firing real bullets or rubber bullets, working or not working, firearms, tear gas (tear gas), electro-shock devices, all kinds of military ammunition (bullets, grenades, molotov cocktails, black-sea mines, etc.), explosive materials, all kinds of cutting and piercing tools (swords, wamas, etc.), all other firearms are prohibited for use in defense and other firearms.

Weapons, pistols and rifles, ammunition, balisong knives, butterfly knives and brass brass knites. The sale of all kinds of materials, recipes, sketches, drawings, etc. related to the construction of weapons is prohibited. (Toy guns, painted guns, water guns, paintball guns can be sold.) Non-hot, 50-year and pre-manufactured products with collection features such as wedge, dagger, bayonet, saddity and so on can be sold. Firearms cannot be sold, even if they are collectibles.

Copy & Pirated Products: Under copyright, any unbanded sale of audio, video carriers is prohibited. Records and cassettes can be sold in the collection feature produced before bandrol law and which are out of commercial product coverage. 

Tobacco and Products and Electronic Cigarettes: Article 3 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Harms of Tobacco Products No. 4207. Article 1, 2., 5., 11. and the 14th century. as per the paragraphs; Tobacco, tobacco products and similar products, as well as any kind of products and electronic cigarettes that bear or resemble or resemble names, brands or inscriptions of these products.

Alcohol: The sale of alcohol-containing beverages is prohibited. Collection materials such as empty or miniature bottles, karafaki and materials used to make wine, champagne, beer, cognac (barrels, mushrooms, etc.) are free to sell.

Banned Publications: Advertisements for magazines, newspapers, cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and similar publications are prohibited for any separatist, racist, racist, irticai and illegal political thought and formations that constitute a crime under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Forbidden Animal Species: Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, under the laws of the Republic of Turkey Fila Brasileiro, American Stafford dogs, Saka, Siskin, Florya birds, snakes, crocodiles, reptiles, spiders, scorpions, chiyan etc. arthropods, Squirrels, Foxes, Wolves, Hedgehogs, Wild Rabbits, Island Rabbits, Pigs, Magphistles, Quail, Partridge, Rock Pigeon, Snipe, Snipe, Wild Goose, etc. are prohibited wild animals.

Sexual content and pornographic products: Advertisements containing the promotion of sexual intercourse for money. Adult sexual fantasy products and pornographic publications (VCD, DVD, VHS, Magazine). Child pornography or other unacceptable material. (Except for sexual education and similar medical publications)

Imitation Design Products: Products with copies or imitations of designer products.

Forged Documents: Fake IDs, passports, diplomas and nobility titles.

Traffic Devices: Radar lockers, license plate covers, traffic sign changers and related products.

Fund & Stock: Stocks, Bonds, Bonds; valuable documents in force, traded on the stock exchange. Advertisements promoting interest-paid sales (Usury) and similar activities are prohibited.

Organ Sales: the sale of human organs, organ trafficking is a crime and prohibited.

Games of Chance: Documents for undetermined games of chance, tickets, coupons, etc.

Personality Rights: Any special news, photographs, images, phone numbers, e-mail, residence address, etc. that violates personality rights.

Drugs or Addictive Substances: Illegal natural or chemical substances, all kinds of drugs.

Radio: "Telecommunications Authority" and "Short-Distance Access Radio Devices (KET) Regulation"All radios that do not comply with and require a license, the sale of all radios over is prohibited.

Numbered Glasses Frame, Glass and Lens Sales: As per The Law on Opticians No. 5193; the authority to sell numbered glasses, glasses frames, wear glasses and sell all kinds of lenses is given to opticians who perform the profession of opticians and the name of the optician institution within the framework of the license obtained from the highest health administration of the sale The sale of all kinds of lenses, numbered glasses glass and glasses frame is prohibited in as it is mandatory to take place under.

hearing Aids: The sale of all kinds of hearing aid products is prohibited at

Veterinary medical products: The sale of all types of veterinary medical products is prohibited at

APP Plate and Plate: Commercial line, Service Plate, Taxi plate except for the sale of plates and APP plate sales can not be done. (Plate number should not be included in the visuals in the sale of plate plates and plexi plate plates)

Event Tickets:

No. 5149; "Law on the Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports Competitions" in order to prevent the sale of irregular tickets, it is prohibited to advertise tickets for all sports events over Only tickets for all kinds of events such as concerts, theatres, cinemas, operas and festivals are permitted under some rules:

-No sale of tickets without pictures is permitted.

-However, the price of the ticket should be clearly seen in the picture.

-There is no sale at a price higher than the price of the ticket. Otherwise, it may stop posting and membership as black marketeering.

Pet Sale:

Not all content in the pet category over can be sold for a fee. Only free ownership ads are allowed in the Petcategory. Memberships are discontinued for determinations in the direction of paid sales.

Products with political content:

All political lyric products are prohibited (Flag, Cup, Ring, Painting, Portrait, Model, etc.)

Promotional Products:

Products that companies and organizations print, manufacture, distribute free of charge for gifts or promotional purposes. (e.g. Coca Cola cabinet, etc.)