Personal Data Protection members will not share the personal information they send via the site to third parties except for the purposes and scope determined by the Privacy Policy.

2. Personal Information such as Name, Surname, Telephone (business/mobile) Number, E-mail Address, which will be requested for membership includes any information intended to identify the Member and will be considered confidential personal information.

3. warrants that personal information will not be shared with any institution, company and/or third party, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and membership 'agreement.

4. may share personal information with third parties who can use it for the purpose of identifying the customer profile and statistical studies, analysis, and using it solely for the purpose of doing these studies.

5. is committed to keeping the personal information of its members private and confidential by using all the technological means at its disposal, and undertakes to take all necessary safety and security measures to ensure, maintain, maintain, prevent all or any part of the information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or sharing of it to third parties. after taking all security and security measures to protect this confidential and personal information, the site will have no responsibility if this confidential and personal information is damaged or received by third parties as a result of attacks on the address, system or database.

6. may unilaterally change the terms and decisions of this Privacy Policy by publishing it at at any time. The Privacy Policy provisions and decisions made by the shall enter into force from the date it is published at

7. All important and personal information collected from members is stored in the highest electronic and physical safety standards and is used only under existing Turkish law and international law, with a system that authorized personnel can access only under user approval if necessary. undertakes and warrants that, without user consent, the personal and sensitive information collected by members, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and membership 'Agreement, shall not disclose, share such information with third parties or abuse such information in any way.