Tricks For Ad Posting

Determining the Right Category

The first step to registering the ad is to correctly determine the category of the ad. It is also important to be able to correct the selection of the subcategory at the bottom, not just the parent category. placing your ad in the appropriate parent and subcategories will increase the chances of buyers finding you. 

Effective ad title

One of the most effective weapons of the advert. The ad title is one of the most important factors in terms of easier access to your ad and preventing any doubts that may arise in the minds of buyers about your product. Don't forget, i'm buyers first read the title of your ad. You should write the title clearly and without long definitions such as name, brand, model, which expresses your product. Some adjectives and definitions may also be added to the name or brand of the product. If you do not carefully select these definitions, buyers may not trust your product. For example, if you're in The "2017 Mercedes E300 Coupe" can be given as an example of a suitable ad title. However, a title such as "Mercedes, underused clean car" is not suitable both in defining the product and attracting serious buyers. The more accurate and descriptive the ad title, the easier it is to find. When searching search engines like Google and Yahoo, they first scan the ad titles. Buyers often specify the most prominent features of the ad they are looking for in search engines.

Photo and effect in the ad

Regardless of the product sold, remember that visual perception is very important!  The first thing that catches the buyer's attention to the ad detail page is the photo. Therefore, the quality of the product sold, showing the product from various angles and not representative of the real product photos are an important element to attract the buyer. If due care, the likelihood of the sale will increase.

Selection of listing criteria

Correct entry of the ad criteria when preparing the ad for publication will direct buyers using the "Detailed Search" tool to the right destination. Therefore, unrealistic entry of the criteria will mislead the recipients. In such cases, users are reporting incorrect advertisements. In order not to cause this, it is very important to enter the information correctly.

Adequate ad description

information that is not included in the listing criteria, but which you think is important for the product sold, can be entered in "Description" section. In the descriptions section, you should write all the details of the product in full and clear terms. If there are defects or defos or damages to the product, you should honestly express them without hiding them. In this way, you will increase your confidence in you in general and commercial terms. The broader you keep product descriptions, the less questions buyers question. Instead of typing standard points and characters in a row, it's important to specify the points you want to highlight with the text formatting tool. For example: You can use different colors, you can change the size of the titles. You can further impress buyers with a variety of small arrangements like this.

Setting an Affordable Price

You can ask for any price for your product, it is by free trade. The seller puts the price he wants, and the buyer is free to turn to the product with the most affordable price to his budget. But the wrong price policy can make your job very difficult. Base "prices for similar products" on product pricing. This gives you an idea of the price of your product. When determining the price, consider the shortcomings of your product (damage, wear, etc.) or if they have different features that are not in their peers.

Right Price = Quick Result