Secure Payment System

Secure Payment System

Payment Protection System

Shopping on site; product control, trial and approval processes are guaranteed by the "Payment Protection System".

The Payment Protection System consists of 3 stages:

+ –The customer buys the product.

The customer selects the product and adds it to the basket. After the payment is completed, the product price is transferred to the pool account.

+ –The product is shipped.

The store sends the product to the customer within the specified period of time. The customer receives and inspects the product.

+ –Payment is transferred to the store

The customer receives and inspects the product and approves the order. With approval, payment is transferred from pool account to the store.

With the Payment Protection System, online shopping for both stores and customers is safely processed.

How does the Payment Protection System work?

After the customer likes the product and completes the payment, the customer must ship the product within the supply period specified by the store. If the store fails to ship the product during this time, the customer may cancel the purchase from the My Account page. in the event of cancellation of the transaction, the product price will be returned to the customer without interruption via credit or debit card.

If there are no problems with the product received, the customer must consent to the payment within 3 working days from the date of delivery of the product. If payment is still not approved at the end of this period, the system will issue a reminder warning to the customer and the last 24 hours process will begin.

If there is no problem with the delivered product and the order is not approved within 3 working days and 24 hours from the date the product is shipped, the will automatically confirm the order.

To return the product if the delivered product is defective/defective or different than specified, the customer can stop the approval process from the My Account page and then start the check-in process.