Individual User Agreement

A.)  Parties 

1. This user of business is referred to as the Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). is referred to as "" which operates the website.)

2. internet portal operated by with the private and/or legal person and/or institution included in the internet portal to purchase, sell and/or rent products, services and/or the institution (briefly referred to as a member thereafter) between and the website is served in the electronic environment, the member's site has been made at the stage of registration.

3. By being a 'Member', you acknowledge, agree and undertake that you have fully read the 'Agreement', understand the content contained in the Agreement and accept all provisions of the Agreement.

B.)  Definitions

 1. Member: The business which is a member of is a natural and/or legal person and/or persons benefiting from the services provided on the site under the terms set out in this 'Agreement'.

2. Website: Is a website consisting of a domain name called and subdomains linked to that name.

3. Tasks (Briefly 'Duty'): Applications within the site provided by the for members to carry out the actions and actions specified in the 'AGREEMENT'.

4. Buyer: The user who purchases the products and/or services offered for sale by the 'Seller' using the services provided on the site.

5. Seller: User who uses the services provided on the site to sell the products and/or services to which it is legally owned and has the right and authority to make savings on the property, for sale to other members.

6. Member name: is the member identification name that appears and/or promotes other 'Members' within the site while they are using the '' services of their members.

7. Member password: is the password that the Member will determine and use only at the time of membership, which will be used by only the Member, and then the letter, number, sub-dash (_), line(-), which he will use during 'Member Login' to take advantage of the

8. Product: is all goods and/or services offered for sale by 'Seller' on the site.

9. Announcement: site is called all kinds of goods, products and services offered and/or offered for sale under the categories and headings set by the site by the

10. Service: content offered to Members by and all materials subject to this content (information, advertisement, link, category, list, template) are covered by the Service.

C.)  The content and scope of the Agreement 

1. The subject matter of the Convention is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties and the terms of use of the Services provided on the site.

2. The contents of the Agreement consist of all statements such as announcements, explanations, warnings and articles made by of the use, membership and Services within with the 'Agreement'.

3. By certifying the provisions of the User Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that you will comply with any statements and representations expressed by in relation to use, membership and Services within

D.)  Terms of Use of Membership and Services 

1. Membership is completed by submitting the necessary credentials to become a member of the site by the person wishing to become a member by the of the relevant departments and categories, and by the approval of the member registration process by Until the membership process is completed, the job shall not have the right and authority to be a User as set forth in this Agreement.

2. In order to become a member of the site, it is necessary to be of age under the laws of The C. and not to be suspended from temporary membership and/or indefinitely by pursuant to Article H of this Agreement.  As set out above, the work shall not result in persons who have been temporarily suspended from membership and/or banned by pursuant to Article H of this Agreement, to have completed the registration process for the site, as they are member.

 E.)  'Members' Rights and Obligations

1. When the user fulfils the membership requirements, takes advantage of the Services and performs any transaction stipulated in the services on the site, the user certifies, acknowledges and certifies that he has read, understood and approved all the terms and rules above, and that he/she will comply with all the terms set forth in the site and all applicable rules.

2. In the event that the provisions of the Member Privacy Policy and the applicable ordering rules and/or in the event of claims that the rights of other Members and third parties have been violated, shall be authorized to disclose confidential, private, commercial information held in the site's own database to the official authorities and the beneficiaries, and therefore acknowledge, certify, declare and undertake that no compensation can be claimed under any name from the site.

3. In order to benefit from the Services offered to them by of the Members, it is the members' responsibility to ensure that the means of access to the site content (Membership name and Membership Password, etc.) are secure, stored, kept away from third parties and used. The has no direct and/or indirect responsibility for all damages incurred and incurred by Members and/or third parties for any negligence and defects in such matters as the security, storage and exclusion and exclusion of members from third parties.

4. Members acknowledge, declare and undertake that the information and content provided by them within is accurate and lawful. is not liable or liable for any damages or damages resulting from incorrect or inaccurate information and content, such as being liable and not responsible for the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by members or uploaded, modified or provided by them on the, investigation, and warranting that such information and content is safe, accurate and lawful. 

5. Members may not transfer their rights and obligations under the Agreement, in whole or in part, to any third party without the written and formal consent of the site.

6. Users of the Services provided by and users may only be able to process on the for purposes in accordance with the law. They are responsible for the legal and criminal responsibility for every action and action the Members take within the site. Each Member is entitled to a violation of and/or another third party's in-laws or personal rights or assets, texts, texts, visual and audio images and icons, videos, files, databases, and all subdomains and contents, katagori tree and lists will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, either with these actions or otherwise with acknowledge, declare, certify and undertake that it will not compete. members shall not be liable in any way, directly and/or indirectly, for any damages incurred and/or incurred by third parties for their actions on the in violation of the terms of the Agreement and/or unlawful.

7. The site and employees and/or managers are not responsible for the Services and content published by third parties, including members, on the The commitment to the accuracy and legality of the information, contents, content, written, visual, audio, video images and/or symbols provided and published by any third party is solely the responsibility of the persons performing these acts. does not guarantee or guarantee the safety, accuracy and legality of the services and content provided by third parties, including members.

8. Members agree, declare, certify and undertake that the members who are entitled to the lottery within the scope of any sweepstakes that will take place on the will share their member information with the persons and institutions related to the campaign and the lottery and therefore cannot claim compensation from the site site for any reason. 

9. Members agree, certify and undertake that they will not take action to transfer money between their memberships or affiliates belonging to their acquaintances within and that they will not engage in any conduct that will manipulate and harm the operation of, or they will indemnify any damages or losses incurred by the site.

F.)  Buyers' Rights and Responsibilities

1. Buyer acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the site is not aware of and is not required to be aware of the original of the Product, including but not limited to the accuracy of the written and/or video descriptions used in the product promotion, whether the goods and products offered for sale by Sellers on the site are damaged and/or illegal and/or prohibited goods and products.

2. Buyer agrees, agrees and undertakes that, for whatever reason, the Seller will not be liable and liable for the site, and that the Product or its counterpart, for whatever reason, cannot claim, or pay any compensation for whatever reason, if the Seller stops selling and delivering the Product at any stage of the purchase and sale process.

3. Buyer acknowledges, declares, certifies and undertakes that the site of in accordance with consumer protection law no. 4077 and Regulation on Distance Contracts shall constitute the pre-information form and distance Agreement on the Products within secure e-commerce.

4. Buyer agrees, declares and undertakes to ratify the Pre-notification form and distance Agreement, which is based on the membership information of and the seller's information on the Product subject to sale within the framework of the Consumer Protection Law no. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.

5. Buyer knows that he has arranged the pre-notification form and distance Agreement with seller, that he will not be party to any dispute arising out of the pre-notification form and distance Agreement of the site, the pre-information form and distance agreement and/or any request for the Product subject to sale shall be the Seller and the liability for any legal responsibility and liability of the regarding these requests. acknowledge, declare, certify and undertake that it does not exist.

6. Buyer, which is not a party to the Sale Agreement between Seller and does not make any transactions, commitments or obligations related to the Sale of the Product and the sale of the under the Consumer Protection Law No. 4077, seller, provider, manufacturer, manufacturer, dealer, agent, advertiser, media company and whatever other circumstances, no transaction, commitment or obligation, no pre-payment form and distance agreement between the Seller and the Seller is not a party to the contractual agreement. understands, approves and accepts.

G.)  Sellers' Rights and Responsibilities

1. The Seller acknowledges, declares, certifies and undertakes that the Property/Products offered for sale on the Site is owned and/or authorized to transfer ownership and that there are no legal or other obstacles to the sale of the Product/Products by the person.

2. In the event that the Buyer fails to fulfil its responsibilities and/or duties under this Agreement and within the framework of rules and/or fails to pay the Product price, seller shall have the right to offer the product to another Buyer without any additional liability or liability to the Buyer of his own volition.

3. The Seller acknowledges, declares, certifies and undertakes that the Goods, Services and Products/Products offered for sale, including prohibited Goods, are not contrary to the rules and conditions relating to the use of the site and the services provided in certain parts of the site, specified by the Decisions of the Agreement or specified in certain parts of the site, and comply with applicable legislation.

4. The Seller acknowledges, declares and undertakes that all legal responsibility and liability of the Goods, Services and Products/Products offered for sale on the site belongs to him and that he is not directly or indirectly involved in the supply and sale of the product supply and sale of the site, in any adjective or name.

5. Seller agrees, declares and undertakes to be liable for all liability and liability arising out of the absence of Prohibited Products, sale, distribution or any action on the that the Goods, Services, Products/Products offered for sale on the site is contrary to any applicable regulation.

6. In accordance with the Agreement, Seller acknowledges, declares and undertakes that, in accordance with the Agreement, the Product shall be in accordance with the qualifications specified by the and will ensure that it will send and deliver the Product to buyer without defect, defect, and that the Goods/Products shall be sold to Buyer, the transfer of ownership and related rights, and that the obligations and liabilities belong only to him.

7. If the Seller, at any stage of the purchase and sale transactions taking place on the site and for whatever reason, the Buyer stops receiving the Products and/or Products, therefore the site will not have any responsibility or liability, and the Product that the Product that he is trying to sell on the site shall not be sold to anyone or will not be compensated in any way at any time. accepts, declares and undertakes.

8. The Seller declares, agrees, certifies and undertakes that if the site is in breach of any provision and rule contained in this Agreement, the Seller shall immediately indemnify the loss escalated to the site if there is money to compensate for the damages incurred in the account, and that the may receive the damages arising from this price without any notice or notice.

9. The Seller agrees, declares and undertakes that he is solely responsible for any damages incurred by Buyers and third parties at the time of sale and after the sale has been completed and paid to him, and that he shall cover all claims and claims and claims and fees arising from all claims and claims arising out of his failure to comply with the obligations and obligations set forth in this Agreement. it's worth it. agrees and undertakes to cover the costs of all claims, claims and claims and attorneys' fees that will come from the Buyer and the rights holders against it. There is always the right to reimburse seller of attorney's fees, damages and other claims arising from all claims arising from all claims brought by Buyers and Rights holders against

10. Seller acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the site will create the pre-information form and distance agreement in accordance with the rules set by the site in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 4077 regarding the Products it sells above and the Regulation on Distance Sales and its user and the product subject to sale.

11. The Seller acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the site itself and the of the member subject to the pre-notification and distance Agreement and the accuracy of the information provided by the site itself.

12. The Seller agrees, declares and undertakes to comply strictly with the pre-information form and distance contract clauses of the Product created under the 4077 Consumer Protection Law and The Regulation on Distance Sales on the site.

13. The Seller agrees, declares and undertakes that he shall comply with the provisions of The Law on Consumer Protection No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Sales and shall not make any actions or statements restricting or eliminating these provisions. it's worth it.

14. Seller shall be liable to buyer under Consumer Protection Law No. 4077, and shall be subject to any disputes, litigation and acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the site will not be liable for the request and will act in accordance with the provisions of the pre-notification form and distance Agreement.

15. Seller acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the Pre-notification form for the Product offered for sale on the site and the distance agreement does not eliminate its liability under the provisions of the user Agreement.

H.) site's Rights and Responsibilities

1. reserves the right to change the Services and content offered on the site at all times, to block and delete the information and content that members upload to the system, including users, to third parties. may exercise this right without notice and without any notice. Members are required to carry out the changes and/or corrections requested by the site as a prompt. Requests for changes and/or corrections requests requested by may be made by if necessary. The damages, civil and criminal liabilities arising out of the failure of the members requested by the site in a timely manner, are the members's sole responsibilities. 

2. Within, the may provide 'links' to other websites and/or portals, files and/or content owned and operated by vendors, providers and other third parties that are not under the site's control. These 'links' can be provided by members or only by due to the ease of reference. It does not constitute any representation or warranty to support or protect the person who manages or operates the website or the site of any third party. The site has no responsibility for portals, websites, files and content accessed through links on, the services or products offered through these links or websites, or their content.

3. In disputes arising between members regarding the services and/or products offered on the site, it shall not act as arbitrator and/or arbitrator, and is impartial.

4. Bidding for products offered by the seller by him, his friend, relatives or someone other person he knows is considered 'manipulation' (false bidding). The Membership of the Seller, whois found to have 'manipulated' the and banned from selling prohibited products and products prohibited from sale by applicable legislation specified in the Agreement and/or whose membership is found to have not complied with the laws of the Agreement, the rules set forth on the site, shall be temporarily or permanently revoked by the

5. may scan the content and/or messages between members over and to detect messages and/or content that are contrary to the general rules and/or of the site's general rules and/or site, and may temporarily notify and/or permanently notify members of the member's membership without any notice. It accepts any responsibility or liability arising out of it.

6. Members and are legally completely independent parties. There is no partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship between them. As a result of ratification and implementation of the Convention, partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship does not arise.

7. Members, the names of "membership names" or "VIP" that they have uploaded to the system when becoming a member of are also subject to the rules contained in this Agreement and should not infringe the legal rights of third parties such as copyright, trademark, trade title when determining the name "member name" or "shop" of the members. In the event that members violate the rules of this Agreement, may request that this breach of the Agreement be corrected by the member, or, if he wishes, may temporarily or permanently cancel the user's membership without notifying the member. For this reason, cannot be put under any compensation or liability. 

8. will review applications with the policy of Protecting Rights and Intellectual Property by persons who claim to be infringed on all intellectual and industrial property rights, including but not limited to trademark and intellectual property rights. reserves the right to list members' products, remove their categories and, if necessary, suspend and cancel members' memberships as a result of applications made by the Protection of Rights and Intellectuals policy.

I.) Goods/Products/Advertising Services 

The basis of the services offered by to users is to enable members to communicate with each other and to control the security of actions taken between users through, and to provide the safety infrastructure.

İ.) Services related to posting

Users of the Free Ad Insertion Services offered by to members may benefit from the services in a manner that does not contradict the legal rules under the provisions of this Agreement. All kinds of intellectual, material, moral responsibilities and responsibilities of the advertisements added by the members using the infrastructure belong to them. It does not accept any compensation or liability that may arise from this

J.) General Description of 'Copyright' 

The rights to science and literature, music, fine arts and cinema works, also known as "copyrights", are protected by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK) in Turkey.  In addition to fsek and copyright holders, the persons involved in the public presentation of the work under the name of the associated rights holders have also been protected. By law, the associated rights holders are: 1) performing artists, 2) record producers, 3) Radio-TV broadcasters and 4) Filmmakers.  In the law, the owners of the works are granted spiritual and material rights over their works.  Moral rights; the authority of the public offering, the authority to mention its name, and the authority to prohibit changes to the work.  Financial rights are the rights of processing, reproduction, distribution, representation and distribution to the public through means of transporting signs, sounds and images.

Legal Sanctions Violations of the rights and related rights of the owner of the work protected in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works are subject to legal and criminal sanctions. These sanctions include; The Criminal Provisions Intellectual and Artistic Works Act stipulates severe sanctions in case of violation of the rights mentioned above. According to Articles 71, 72, 73 and 80 of the FSEK, violators of the rights of owners and associated rights holders are sentenced to two to four years in prison or a hefty fine from fifty billion pounds to one hundred and fifty billion pounds, or both, taking into account the severity of the damage.  Legal Provisions FSEK has introduced special provisions for compensation for damages incurred by the rights holders as well as severe criminal sanctions. Accordingly, rights holders can claim all kinds of measures from the courts to prevent damages, and three times the amount of damages incurred by the persons causing the violation.  As briefly described above, any violations against the rights of all works, records, productions and radio and television organizations are criminal. Consequently, without the permission of the owners and the associated rights holders; Works, records, productions and publications in Div X, MP3, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMP etc. are prohibited from directly or indirectly duplicating, distributing, selling, renting or posting/selling on carriers such as CDs, DVDs.

 K.) Is Goods/Products and/or Services Eligible to advertise on site?

Make sure that the advertisements you submit using the members of the goods and/or products you sell, are strictly within the legal and legal framework of the Turkish C. In the event that you submit advertisements that do not comply with the Agreement on the site, you have read, understood, approved and accepted, certified and committed any legal, material and moral damages that may arise by being a member.

L.) Banned Product List 

1. Aids to Pass drug tests: Drug cleaning mixtures and urine test additives to erase traces of doping drugs, cocaine and similar drug products.

2. Counterfeit Design Products: Products with copies or imitations of designer products.

Forged Documents: Fake IDs, passports, diplomas and nobility titles.

3. Web Attack and Program Cracking Software: Software that illegally provides access to web-attacking and hacking software, software, servers, or websites. Software that allows illegal access to mobile phones and other communications or content distribution systems/devices. Decoder products that decode cable or satellite signals to get free cable services, software and products that capture Wireless internet connections and crack their passwords.

4. Miracle Treatment Products or Services: "2 BODY THIN IN 1 MONTH !" type of products containing miracle treatment, all kinds of non-medical treatment methods announcements.

5. Prescription drugs: Promotion or sale of medicines prescribed by a doctor.

6. Sexual content and Pornographic Products: Advertisements containing the promotion of sexual intercourse for money. Adult sexual fantasy products and pornographic publications (VCD, DVD, VHS, Magazine). Child pornography or other unacceptable material. (Except for sexual education and similar medical publications)

7. Traffic Devices: Radar lockers, license plate covers, traffic sign changers and associated products.

8. Firearms: The sale of firearms, firearms or non-working firearms, fired or non-working firearms, electro-shock devices, all kinds of military ammunition (bullets, grenades, Molotov cocktails, black-sea mines, etc.), all other firearms specially made for attack and defense, are prohibited. Weapons, pistols and rifles, ammunition, Balisong knives, butterfly knives and brass brass knites. The sale of all kinds of materials, recipes, sketches, drawings, etc. related to the construction of weapons is prohibited. (Toy guns, painted guns, water guns, paintball guns can be sold). Firearms cannot be sold, even if they are collectibles.

9. Funds & Stocks: Stocks, Bonds, Bonds; valuable documents in force, traded on the stock exchange. Advertisements promoting interest-paid sales (Usury) and similar activities are prohibited.

10. Organ Sales: the sale of human organs, organ trafficking is a crime and prohibited.

11.Copy & Pirated Products: Under copyright, the unbanded sale of all kinds of audio and video carriers is prohibited. Records and cassettes can be sold in the collection feature produced before bandrol law and which are out of commercial product coverage. Pirated books and similar bandrol-carrying products.

12. Games of Chance: Documents for undetermined games of chance, tickets, coupons, etc.

13. Personality Rights: Any special news, photographs, images, telephone numbers, e-mail, residence address, etc. that violate semantic rights.

14. Illicit substances: Illegal natural or chemical substances, all kinds of drugs.

15. Tobacco and Cigarettes: Tobacco and tobacco products, cigarettes and similar products.

16. Alcohol: The sale of alcohol-containing beverages is prohibited. Collection materials such as empty or miniature bottles, karafaki and materials used to make wine, champagne, beer, cognac (barrels, mushrooms, etc.) are free to sell.

17. Banned Publications: Advertisements for magazines, newspapers, cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and similar publications that glorify any separatist, racist, racial, religious and illegal political ideas and formations that constitute a crime are prohibited under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

18. Forbidden Animal Species, Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, Fila Brasileiro, American Stafford dogs, Saka, Siskin, Florya birds, snakes, crocodiles, reptiles, spiders, scorpions, chiyan etc. arthropods, Squirrels, Foxes, Wolves, Hedgehogs, Wild Rabbits, Island Rabbits, Pigs, Magphistles, Quail, Partridge, Rock Pigeon, Snipe, Snipe, Wild Goose, etc. are prohibited wild animals.

M.) Force Majeure

In all cases deemed to be 'force majeure' in law, is not liable for late and/or incomplete performance/performance of any of the responsibilities set forth in this Agreement. In these and other cases, no delays, incomplete performance/performance or default sought for or any compensation will be claimed under any name from the site for such cases. The term "Force Majeure" shall be construed as natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, technology accidents, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages, bad weather, and other than the reasonable control of the party concerned and not limited to them, which cannot be prevented, prevented, prevented, prevented, situations and events.

N.) Intellectual Property Rights

1.) All elements of the site (including but not limited to design, interface, text, image, html, php code and other codes) ( copyrighted works) are used as and/or under the license obtained from a third party. Users may not resell, share, distribute, distribute, display, reproduce, create or prepare, or allow anyone else to access or use the services of the site, and of the site's copyrighted works; otherwise, they will be liable to cover the amount of compensation claimed on the for damages incurred by third parties, including but not limited to, the damages incurred by third parties, including but not limited to court costs and attorneys' fees.

2.) All rights to all assets, including services, information, copyrighted works, trademarks, subdomains, commercial appearance or all rights to all assets, same and personal rights, commercial information and know-how are reserved.

3.) Users agree, declare and agree that they will comply with the rules regarding the use of the Brand and Logo of the 

O.) Contract Changes may change this Agreement and Its Supplements at any time it deems appropriate by posting it on the site, at its sole discretion and at its sole discretion. the amended articles of this Agreement shall take effect on the date they are posted on the site, and the remaining articles shall remain in force and continue to produce their terms and consequences. this Agreement shall not be amended by unilateral statements of the members.

Ö.) The Law and Authority to be implemented will apply to Turkish Law in the implementation, interpretation and management of legal affairs arising within the scope of the provisions of this 'Convention.' The Courts and enforcement agencies of Istanbul are authorized to resolve and/or resolve any dispute arising out of and arising out of this 'Convention'.

P.) Termination of contract

this 'Convention shall remain in force as long as the Member is a member and will continue to produce the provisions and consequences between the parties, shall be deemed to have expired in the event that the membership of the members expires or if the members are temporarily, permanently discontinued. members may unilaterally terminate the Agreement and members shall be liable to indemnify all damages incurred by the site site as a result of termination if they violate this Agreement and/or similar rules regarding the use, membership and services contained within the, and in particular cases listed below.

1- Products specified as Prohibited Products are offered by the Seller on the site of and this situation is determined by,

2- Member using any method, to manipulate the operation of the site

3. The member transfers or releases the User profile created for him or her,

4- The member is present in elephants that violate and/or endanger the rights of third parties,

R.) Additional Rules Members agree that the rules defined in this 'Agreement' are an annex and an integral part of the 'Agreement' and shall be in force in conjunction with this 'Agreement'. Members acknowledge, certify and declare that they have read and understood the following rules.